Why These Advertisements?

Advertising is probably one of the things I enjoy the least about the wonderful world of the Internet. In the “good ole days” a website would¬†sometimes promote a few brands in a sidebar or header area, some of which may be affiliate links, and others may just be links to sites the provider has a mutual relationship with or personally enjoys. In the present day however, advertising has become an ever growing challenge to see how many flashing and bouncing ads a provider can fit on a single page in order to over-capitalize the content on the page. More often than not, the content is only a fraction of the size of the number of ads actually seen on a page. I can think of a few “news” outlets in particular even which place more ads on a single page page than the number of articles they generate in a single week. All too often sites are flooded with flashy headlines, poorly written stories with terrible spelling and grammar, all designed solely to generate advertising revenue. Hypocritical of me to speak of this when clearly I have ads on my pages too, right?

When it comes to advertising, I am much more of the “old school” variety and I believe that ads have a place, and that they need to stay in that place. That place on my site is almost always in the sidebar, and every once in a while maybe even the footer as well. How I pick these sites depends largely on what I am doing that month for personal projects, as well as for my clients. Very rarely will you ever find an advertisement or affiliate link on my site that is not for a company or product for which I have a personal relationship with, use myself, or think highly of. This means no re-targeted ads for something you visited 30 minutes ago, no rolling ads for strange products or shows no one has ever heard of. Just links to sites with stuff I like and think others might like too. Some of these links will in fact be affiliate links for which I may receive a small incentive from the site if you so happen to decide to purchase a service or product from them.

I do not advertise these links solely because they provide an affiliate program, but again because I either use them myself or I¬†think they provide a valuable product that others might enjoy as well. The affiliate reward is just a small bonus which helps to keep the proverbial “lights on” for my website here and my various projects. These links will change from time to time, and sometimes they might not provide for any affiliate rewards at all. Regardless of whether it is an affiliate link, or a standard link, the FTC wants me to let you know that these advertised links may provide me with some form of reward or compensation so that you may be an informed consumer and decide for yourself if you would like to click on my links or not now that you know this. You are in no which way, shape, or form required to click on any of these links, make a purchase of any kind from these links, or otherwise engage with these links unless you absolutely want to. But you’re smart, and you already know that.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments about the affiliate or advertised links found on this site!